Working extensively with Utilities and Construction companies, Cadence's Financial Services Division provides clients with unique solutions that not only save money but can also generate rebates that fall straight to the bottom line.  These services provide clients with a "Frictionless Diversity" solution that is effective and efficient.

Equipment Leasing

Cadence provides equipment leasing for all types of trucks and construction equipment.  Some of the largest utilities and national Prime Contractors are taking advantage of these services to match equipment costs with revenues generated by that equipment and to leverage Cadence's multiple diversity certifications (Service Disabled Veteran and Minority).

Fuel Cards

Fuel Cards provide clients with the ease of refueling their fleet from virtually anywhere while providing the controls and reporting required for security and diversity reporting.


When deadlines are approaching, spot purchases with P-Cards can keep jobs moving along by enabling employees to purchase items in the field or from their computers.

Travel Cards

When crews are away from home, Travel Cards streamline travel, hotel, and meal expenses.  This can be a critical tool especially during periods of "Storm Work".

Accounts Payable

A/P Departments can utilize Cadence's credit cards to pay for a variety of job site and overhead expenses . . . . . all while earning rebates on every dollar spent.  Cadence offers traditional cards as well as ghost cards, virtual cards, and ERP Integration for a much higher level of A/P Automation.