Construction Prime & Sub Contractors

Prime & Sub Contractors often have diversity goals embedded within their contracts. Cadence helps contractors achieve those goals through a "Strategic and Frictionless" approach.  Cadence does this through financial services for Fleet/Equipment Leasing and Payment Cards.  These financial services are utilized on "job site specific" expenses and are therefore reportable as diversity spend to Contractors' customers.   In addition to fleet and equipment leasing, Cadence provides credit card payment options including: fuel cards, P-Cards, corporate cards (used for travel, lodging, and meals . . . especially storm work related), and virtual cards for the payment of job site expenses such as equipment rentals, liquid and gas fuels, waste removal, and more.

Cadence provides unique strategic advantages for Contractors:

Repeatable & Predictable Diversity Results

Leasing and Payment Cards have the tremendous advantage of creating repeatable and very predictable diversity results. Once a lease is initiated, the ongoing lease payments all count toward the Client’s diversity results. For Payment Cards, their applicability at every job site make their results repeatable and predictable.  The diversity results for both leasing and payment cards are generated with no additional effort on the Client’s part.

Utility & Scale

Payment cards: have vast utility for the payment of job site expenses, their usage can scale up or down for any contract size, and the Cadence payment card solutions are deployable everywhere simultaneously.

No Adverse Impacts on Quality or Safety

With many forms of diversity solutions, there can be unintended impacts on project quality and job site safety. With Cadence financial services, these risks are eliminated.

Vendor Selection

Cadence typically works with Fortune 1000 customers who have preferred vendors.  These customers have corporate agreements and pre-negotiated pricing in place with their preferred vendors. The financial services provided by Cadence work seamlessly with our customers’ existing vendors.


The financial solutions provided by Cadence are a small fraction of the cost of all other diversity approaches and sometimes even create rebates!