Equipment Finance

Cadence provides financings to fund client equipment acquisitions. Financings can be in the form of loans but are more typically in the form of leases. Cadence structures financings to match clients' business needs.

Cadence has funded projects ranging in size from $75,000 to $20 Million involving various types of equipment including:

  • Trucks
  • Construction Equipment
  • Earth Moving Equipment
  • Aircraft
  • Forklifts
  • Computers & Related Hardware
  • Information Security Equipment
  • Network Gear
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Copiers / Multifunction Printers

Leasing Program Characteristics:

  • Equipment - Cadence typically works with Fortune 500 customers who have preferred vendors. These vendors often have custom features for their large customers and Cadence is more than happy to work with our customer’s vendors.
  • Price - The equipment price your organization has negotiated with your chosen vendor is the basis for lease payment calculations. Using your negotiated equipment price as the basis, Cadence then applies it’s extremely competitive lease rates, ensuring that your lease payments are as low as possible.
  • Terms – Terms are developed to match clients' business objectives
  • Special Projects – Cadence provides Clients with various “Special Projects” including lease portfolio refinancing. These projects result in lower payments and greatly simplified payment processes.
  • "Frictionless Diversity" – All programs provide a strategic, effective, and efficient approach to diversity that clients appreciate.