Physical Product Related Services

Cadence operates an EDI-driven distribution center and provides a number of physical product related services for customers such as:


Equipment for jobs/installations can be staged in our warehouse thereby ensuring deliveries to installations sites are complete and accurate when delivered.


By combining items into kits, our customers’ purchasing function is greatly simplified, and their installation crews never waste time because of missing items. Additionally, pre-made kits enforce standards that are sometimes hard to monitor or enforce in the field.


Cadence assembles a variety of items covering a spectrum from notebook sized items to seven foot network racks. These assemblies save customers time and money because customers issue one Purchase Order and receive fully field-ready assemblies that have been built at our highly efficient facilities.

Equipment Configuration

Many items can be deployed in various configurations. Often times, customers want to receive configurations that meet their current needs without over-spending on excess equipment which can’t be utilized at the time of deployment. We provide custom configurations, that exactly match customer requirements with as-configured and as-purchased equipment.

Just-In-Time Delivery

Our customers often do not carry inventories, but rather rely on our speed and efficiency to serve mission-critical requirements.  We have earned their trust and, consequently, have experienced an expanding business relationship with them.

EDI Based Distribution

Cadence utilizes a “best of class” Enterprise System to manage inventory and electronically process all orders. This system is at the heart of all; EDI order processing functions, customer-defined barcode labeling, transportation carrier labeling, and invoicing.

Order Fulfillment

Cadence provides warehousing, inventory control, and order fulfillment to customers who don’t have facilities and/or distribution capabilities.