Information/Web Based Services

Cadence uses information services to simplify and improve integration with customers’ processes and systems. Here is a sampling of these information/web based services:

Robust EDI Platform

For higher volume contract sales, Cadence operates a robust EDI based Enterprise system. This system provides an error-free environment with unparalleled efficiency.

Asset Tracking

For leased equipment, customers can log into our web site and run reports on all their leased assets.

Data Formatting

After an acquisition, many customers need to enter all the assets into their company’s asset tracking system. We work with our clients’ IT departments to provide the equipment data in a form that is natively ready for import into their Enterprise Software. Data can also be made available via our SharePoint Service in which Cadence provides password protected access to its SharePoint web site for customers and vendors who need access to their data. This can be data for; equipment, project progress, delivery schedule updates, etc.

DMV Service

For transactions involving transportation and/or fleet, Cadence provides Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Services for customers. This includes the special handling required for “Permanent Fleet Registrations” and for customers’ unique additional DMV requirements, for example adding customer’s internal vehicle ID numbers to registrations.

Database Driven Web Site

Cadence’s web site is data base driven and can be accessed under the “Client Login” link on the Home Page. For customers who need constant web-based access to data gathered by Cadence, that data is available 24x7x365. This section of our web site is referred to as “Powered By Cadence.”